The Dr Brown Bottle Warmer

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The Dr Brown Bottle Warmer


dr brown bottle warmerThe Dr Brown Deluxe Bottle Warmer is one of the most popular baby bottle warmers on the market today. It averages 3.5 stars out of 5 from 59 reviews and is currently REDUCED from £46.00 to £36.40 with FREE DELIVERY.

The Dr Brown Bottle Warmer warms baby bottles and food jars quickly and efficiently

Its steam heat warms several bottles before the water chamber needs to be refilled, and its adjustable basket fits different-sized baby bottles. All you need to do is adjust the settings on the easy-to-use LCD control panel, and listen for the alarm when the heating cycle is complete.

The keypad is very easy to use, it really takes the stress out of this mundane task (lets be honest!), especially in the early hours of the morning.

It features a handy programmable cycle that you can be start with the click of a button for quick bottle warming and it has a cycle memory that lets you repeat preferred heating times.

You can also adjust the time needed to warm different sized bottles and the refillable water chamber has an easy to view water level so you know where you stand at all times.

The warmer automatically powers off after 10 minutes without use.

The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer has been described on review as “easy to use”, an “excellent product” and “would recommend”.


Dr Brown Bottle Warmer Reviews


Here are some recent reviews:

“We highly recommend this product, it warms the milk to the right temp. You can take it upstairs and use it for night feeds. It beeps at you when milk is ready as at 1 or 2 in the morning, you need it if you fall back to sleep! Lol. Wish we bought this with our 1st!”

dr brown bottle warmer“This bottle warmer is fantastic and so efficient! Just a few minutes till the milk is at the perfect temperature and my little one takes it so much better now! A must buy!”

“I swayed with this item for a while as wasn’t sure if I’d use it but my husband really wanted it and I have to say I’m so glad we got it, I’m feeding with expressed milk and also some formula so it’s great to know the milk from the fridge is heated to just the right temperature as is the formula milk. Quick and easy to set up and not too bulky to sit in your kitchen with all of your other items.”

Dr Brown Bottle Warmer Reviews…

“Excellent product. Highly recommend. I find it very safe to use at night/early mirningin the nursery as posed to a traditional bottle warmer. It is compact and stops automatically after the time is up, which for someone running a busy household is a godsend to avoid reheat too warm and then cooling down with cold water.”

Having a 18 month old and 2 month old this is a life saver when it comes to warming up a bottle. You can just put the bottle in, set the time and carry on doing any other tasks whilst it warms up, then the beeps let you know that it’s ready.

“The best thing ever! I bought this for my 2nd grandson and only wished I’d had one for my first! I have found no problems with it as mentioned in some reviews. The secret of not letting the milk bubble and overflow is to follow instructions and leave cap & top loose. No spillage of milk will occur. Then just tighten up after the bottle has been removed.


Dr Brown Bottle Warmer – Final Thoughts


dr brown bottle warmerSo there you have it.  If you are looking for a bottle warmer that is super easy to use and even allows you to pre-programme how you do it then this could be just the ticket.  It can be used with difefrent sized bottles, is easy to clean, doesn’t need continuous refilling, and, with the discount, represents great value for money.

Our view?  If you’re a Dr Brown’s fan then go for it!

The Dr Brown Bottle Warmer comes with a one-year warranty and is currently REDUCED from £46.00 to £36.40 with FREE DELIVERY.

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