The MAM Steriliser

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The MAM Steriliser


MAM Steriliser and Breastfeeding Starter Set

mam steriliserThe MAM Steriliser is one of the most popular bottle sterilisers on the market today. This steriliser comes with a complete breastfeeding starter kit. It averages 4.1 stars out of 5 from 46 reviews and is currently REDUCED from £100.00 to £36.97 with FREE DELIVERY.

The MAM Steriliser Starter Set is the ideal starter set for a family with a newborn.

The MAM Microwave Steam Steriliser included with this set is designed for the busy parent. With this steriliser MAM is making the process super easy by providing a product that allows you to just pop your baby products inside and then put it in the microwave. Its simple, and in just five minutes your baby’s bits and bobs will be sterilised. This steam steriliser can be used to sterilise all bottles, teats and other baby products.

Impressively this versatile steriliser can also be used as cold water steriliser with tablets if you’d prefer.

Included in the set is an easy to use manual breast pump with a flexible funnel and adjustable suction intensity to ensure you can express your breastmilk comfortably. The set also includes a set of bottles which are vented to ensure a smooth drink flow, helping to reduce the symptoms of colic, and each bottle also come complete with a slow flow silk teat which up to 94% of babies happily accept.

This set has been described on review as “amazing”, a “perfect combination” and “strongly recommend”.


MAM Steriliser Reviews


Here are some recent reviews:

“Love this set! Everything I need! Would recommend to anyone – I have absolutely no complaints!”

mam steriliser“I’ve only just received this item today but I can already say I’m in love with this set. Its fantastic value for money and you get everything you need to start out with a new-born. The MAM bottles it comes with are amazing, and I would recommend them to anyone. The fact it also comes with two dummies and 4 size 2 teats is amazing. I can’t wait to use this for my new baby in October.”

“Great easy to use steriliser.  Great product, easy to use. Baby loves these teats too. I am very happy with this choice, would recommend without any doubt. Bottles can be sterilised on their own in the microwave or all together in this container.”

“One of those products I use daily & absolutely love. The only regret is that I did not have one with my first baby. Strongly recommend to all new mums.”

“This is a great starter set for breastfeeding mums. I have found the bottles to be the best for colicky babes. The fact that they are self sterilising is great if you need a bottle quick.
The steriliser that comes with this set is very good. It fits so much into it meaning that I’m not continuously sterilising all day. It can also be used as a cold water steriliser which is handy for travel. The breast pump too seems to work well. A good set.”

“Fantastic.  My daughter in law is an avid breast-feeder and she loves this set. The breast pump is soft, comfortable and easy to use and the milk goes straight into the bottle ready to use or store. It comes with two large and two smaller bottles with anti colic teats, two soothers, a steriliser, bottle brush and teat tongs. The steriliser holds six bottles but they can also self sterilise by filling with water and popping into the microwave. The price is fantastic if you buy the same things separately it would cost a lot more. It all comes in a well packed box and a trendy unisex colour of lime green.”

The MAM Steriliser – Final Thoughts


mam steriliserSo there you have it.  If you’re looking for a versatile steriliser that is easy to use, portable and has the capacity to sterilise several bottles at a time then this is just the ticket.  It’s a no-nonsense option from a leading brand that reecives strong reviews, and, with the huge discount, represents great value for money.

Our view?  If you’re a MAM fan, go for it!

The MAM Steriliser with Breastfeeding Starter Set is currently REDUCED from £100.00 to £36.97 with FREE DELIVERY.

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