The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Filter

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The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Filter

Welcome to our post on the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Filter, which is an essential part of any parent’s arsenal if using the Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine. It’s so vital in fact that the Tommee Tippee Filter outsells the prep machine itself! Here’s why…


The Perfect Prep Filter

The original filter in the Perfect Prep Machine needs replacing after three months. A warning light on the machine will indicate when the filter is coming to the end of its lifespan.

It filters every drop of water to remove impurities to ensure that only the cleanest water is used for your baby’s formula. When the light comes on the filter is no longer working at its optimum level, and so the water mixing with the formula isn’t as pure as it should be.

The filter is designed to replace the original seamlessly in order to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your baby’s bottle is perfect every time.

tommee tippee filterThe Tommee Tippee Filter has a 150 litre capacity, and like the original, based upon the consumer preparing six 260 ml bottles a day, will remove impurities from the water for your baby’s formula for up to three months.


How To Change The Tommee Tippee Filter

If the light on the machine has been on for a while it will soon start to flash indicating that the filter needs replacing immediately. To do that follow these steps:

tommee tippee filterStep 1

First you’ll need to press and hold the cleaning mode button on the machine for two seconds to empty the tank (make sure that you have something handy like a bowl or pan underneath the dispenser to collect the draining water).


tommee tippee prep machine filterStep 2

Then you need to press and hold the filter volume reset button on the machine for two seconds to clear the memory.


tommee tippee perfect prep filterStep 3

Next remove the old filter from the basin and throw it away. Then replace the basin (without the filter).


tommee tippee perfect prep filterStep 4

Finally you’ll need to follow the cleaning cycle steps in line with the machine the set-up which will result in fitting the new filter at stage nine of the cycle.



You’ll be back to purely filtered water in no time.

(You can find further instructions here.)


Tommee Tippee Prep Machine Filter Reviews

tommee tippee prep machine filterSo thats the what and the how. Lets take a quick look at what users are saying about replacing the replacement filter. Here are a few recent reviews:

“Absolutely essential for anyone who has a perfect prep machine and really good value as they last a good three months. Don’t forget that you’re likely to start weaning about six months so the filters will start to last even longer as the machine works on the number of bottles made rather than calendar months.”

“The perfect prep machine is an absolute godsend and the filters last forever! My husband told me a light would be illuminated on the machine to indicate the filter would need replacing (usually after 3 months) but our first filter is still going strong after 4 months. Any parent considering bottle feeding would find the perfect prep machine fantastic and saves so much hassle heating and cooling a bottle!”

“Hard to pick up in the shops due to always selling out. On my 3rd one now and no issues at all.”

“Very easy to change over, reminds me of a brita filter water jug. I like that I am reassured by the fact that the water going into my daughters bottle is filtered. The machine itself is so easy to use and you only have to change every 3 months. I got the tommee tippee filter on amazons subscribe and save so we save money at the same time as receiving them when we need. Very happy.”

“Really easy to install. We replace it every 3 months or so to be on the safe side even if the light doesn’t say to. The prep machine itself is brilliant. Makes the feeds so much easier. Especially in the middle of the night.”

“It’s a necessity for the machine! Is easy to fit and don’t worry if you’ve lost the perfect prep instructions, there are instructions on the side of the filter box. Great price too – there’s no need to pay over £10 from other sources.”


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Filter – Conclusions

tommee tippee prep machine filterFor parents using the Perfect Prep Machine the reassurance that you are using properly filtered water to mix your child’s formula is paramount. Replacing the filter every three months to ensure water purity is vital. Having a replacement on standby for when that light comes on is therefore a very good idea.

They often sell out in the shops due to their popularity so why not grab one online?

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Good luck with your bottle feeding!



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