The Tommee Tippee Food Warmer

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The Tommee Tippee Food Warmer


tommee tippee food warmerThe Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Food Warmer is one of the most popular baby food warmers on the market today. It averages 4.5 stars out of 5 from 968 reviews and is currently REDUCED from £11.15 to £7.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

This Food Warmer can be used to warm up expressed milk or water for a bottle feed.

It heats everything from breast milk to baby food.

Just fill the stainless-steel flask with water before you leave home, and when feeding time comes around, pour the water into the upturned frosted container and warm your bottle. It keeps the contenst warm for up to four hours, and holds enough to warm a couple of feeds while you’re out and about.

It’s specially designed to hold Closer To Nature bottles, with a compact design that makes it ideal for use when you’re out, and very easy to fit in a changing bag or buggy.

The Tommee Tippee Food Warmer has been described on review as “ideal”, a “helpful product” and “certainly recommend”.


Tommee Tippee Food Warmer Reviews


Here are some recent reviews:

“This is ideal for family outings or shopping trips! Water stays boiling for hours and warms baby bottles up in minutes.”

tommee tippee food warmer“This warmer is a life saver. I can honestly keep water warm in here all night. If you put a very small amount of water, it does tend to cool during long periods of closure, but for long journeys as well as nights it is a great product and one I certainly recommend.”

“I have had one of these flasks for both of my children, it has been fantastic you can heat bottles and food with it – makes life so much easier! There is a comment on here that it only heats one bottle, this it true but after I had used the water I put in I simply went in to MacDonald’s and they would fill it straight away or if I was eating in a cafe I just asked if they would fill it up for me then it was ready for later on – it’s just a case of thinking ahead!”

Tommee Tippee Food Warmer Reviews…

“Excellent product. Very speedy delivery.  I bought this item and I am very impressed as, 6+ hours later the water i poured into the flask from a boiled kettle is still very hot/ steam coming from the flask.  I believe that this “simple” purchase will make all the difference when I am out and about with my newborn and from a convenience perspective also.  5* from me.

“Absolute Life Saver.  I would recommend any new mum buy this. As a first time mum this has been a god send and means that I can do things, such as shopping, without worrying where I can warm a bottle. Would absolutely recommend! I love it!

“Love this flask! It has been an absolute life saver! After being out and needing to warm my baby’s bottle up and being told I couldn’t be given a cup of hot water due to H&S I immediately bought this flask. The water stays perfectly hot for up to 6 hours and fits a tommee tippee bottle in perfectly. Its saves me having to wait in a queue and argue with someone about having a cup of hot water. (something which ill never understand when you’re allowed to order tea/coffee). I love the feature of just popping the button on the top and it pours rather than having to take the whole lid off. I love it.

Tommee Tippee Food Warmer – Conclusions


tommee tippee food warmerSo there you have it.  If you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to heat up your baby’s milk or food, either at home or on the go, this is just the ticket.  We’ve rarely seen a product referred to as a “life-saver” as much as this.  Its easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store and at just £7.99 will hardly break the bank.

Our view?  Go for it!

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Food Warmer is currently REDUCED from £11.15 to £7.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

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