Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Review

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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Review

The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine

tommee tippee perfect prep machine reviewsIf you’ve found your way here you’re probably considering the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine for you and your baby. If that’s the case you’re certainly not alone as it was the winner of the Loved By Parents Gold Best Innovate Feeding Product of 2013.  And since then it has grown in popularity exponentially.

You will see it advertised on television, in magazines and reviewed in forums all over the internet, which is hardly surprising given how useful it has proved to be for so many families.

You probably know that with the Perfect Prep Machine you no longer need to carry your nursery water around with you, and prep your bottle then then warm it, as this machine does all of that for you.  But there are plenty of features that many people don’t know about, so we’ve set out a nice summary of them below.  Take a look and you’ll soon see why it is the best-selling Bottle Prep Machine around.

Key Features

• It gives a “hot shot” of water at the initial stage of preparation to kill off any bacteria lurking in the bottle which obviously saves precious time – no more boiling bottles – and also means that you don’t need a sterilizer. The Perfect Prep does all of that to ensure that your baby’s bottle is sterilized and ready for action.  A nice side effect of the hot shot is that it helps to dissolve your formula creating a better consistency for your baby.

• A cold water shot then follows the “hot shot” to make sure that the bottle never gets too warm. This ensures that your bottles are ready for feeding at body temperature, which is ideal.

• It’s compatible with a wide variety of bottles and formulas. The universal design means that you can pick and choose which products to use with the Perfect Prep Machine, rather than having to stick with the manufacturer’s own line.

• It has a brilliant filter which allows you to miss out the nursery water step. This means that you don’t have to shop for distilled water.  The filter removes all of the impurities that you’d rather your baby avoid giving you peace of mind with one less thing to worry about!

• The heating function warms your bottles up in just two minutes, yes two minutes!!

• The Tommee Tippee also dispenses the correct amount of water in line with the dilution instructions of the formula that you choose to use. This obviously means that you need not worry about inconsistencies – your baby’s formula will always taste the same, which is great for fussy eaters!

Any Negatives?

We’re being really picky here but:

• It takes very slightly longer to prepare a bottle with this machine than with one or two of the other bottle prep machines on the market; and

• Some parents might need two hands to operate it which can sometimes prove tricky if you want to hold your baby at the same time.


tommee tippee perfect prep machine reviewsIt’s the best Bottle Prep Machine on the market by quite some distance.  You probably know that already.  It’s the best-seller and does it all. It delivers consistent and accurately mixed formula every time. It sterilizes bottles and filters water at the same time which is something you don’t get with other brands.  And as we’ve said that removes two additional steps that you’d have to go through with other makes. It’s a good buy even at full price, but at the reduced price it really is great value for money.

The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine averages 4.6 stars out of 5 from over 1,750 reviews and is currently REDUCED from £119.99 to £69.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Reviews


Here are some reviews from recent users:

tommee tippee perfect prep machine reviews“Excellent prep machine at a reasonable price.  In my opinion this machine is a great time saver that performs a very important job at a very reasonable price if you can get it for £50 – 60 (see below). Basically it makes a fresh safe bottle of milk at human body temperature in a couple of minutes. It takes all the work and risk out of it as long as you use the unit correctly.

“Brilliant, why didn’t we buy 1 for 1st baby would have saved lots of time and tears !!!”

“Love this!  What can I say? A godsend! Especially with having to make fresh bottles only these days!”

“After a few days of The fuss of trying to cool bottles down the “old fashioned” way in cold water (with screaming baby in tow!) we bought one of these – best thing we have got – I recommend these over and over again.”

“Brilliant product for me as a dad, I can whip up a bottle in minutes and not bother my wife when I take a feeding.”

Absolute sanity saver. Bottles prepped in no time & dont have to worry about reheating or over heating. The thoughts of making fresh feeds at two am would be nightmarish otherwise. Money well spent. Would highly recommend this if you are going down the formula feeding route.”

“Best purchase ever! This is the best recommendation anyone has given to me for when I started formula feeding. I would like to recommend to everyone who is formula feeding as it cuts down on time and effort as well.

“Five Stars.  Best invention ever! Couldn’t be without it now.”

tommee tippee perfect prep machine reviews“Best product – a must buy.  This is a must when you have a baby. Was perfect for when we had our twins and converted from breast to bottle. Perfect made bottle in a speedy time so no crying baby waiting for a bottle. Easy and simple to use. At £60 I think it’s a good price, compared to normal RRP of £120, worth it for hassle free bottle making.”

“A must for bottle feeders.  If you are bottle feeding this machine will save your life. They should have it at restaurants!


Interested?  Why not grab one now.  It’s currently REDUCED from £119.99 to £69.99 with FREE DELIVERY!

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