Tommee Tippee Variflow Teats Review

Welcome to our Tommee Tippee Variflow Teats Review, full of advice and information to help you decide if they’re right for your little one.


Tommee Tippee Variflow Teats Review


tommee tippee variflow teats reviewTommee Tippee Variflow Teats have been designed in conjunction with breastfeeding experts to help babies get the right amount of milk in one sitting without having to exert too much effort at all.  They average 4 stars out of 5 from 188 reviews and this pack of two teats is currently REDUCED to £4.69 with FREE DELIVERY.

Many new parents find that their little one is sucking too hard on an introductory teat, and not getting enough.  They’ll then fall asleep after over-exerting themselves, but without getting a full feed, so they’ll wake up again within an hour or two screaming and ravenous.

Other babies will hardly have to suck at all on a more advanced teat and nearly drown because the flow is just too fast for them.

Both of these situations can be distressing for baby and parent.  But that needn’t be the case and Tommee Tippee’s Variflow Teats are the answer.

They’ve been designed using the new Closer to Nature model which is supposed to mimic the natural flex and movement of a mother’s breast, to make switching between breast and bottle very easy.

They also feature the revolutionary new Easi-vent anti-colic valve (which you can actually see working) to reduce the chances of your child suffering with wind after feeding.

This, combined with the Variflow teat, makes for an absolute winner.  As with all variable flow teats, these work with the individual child to dispense only as much milk as their sucking power demands.  This means that they are not restricted by a slow flow teat (so won’t tire so quickly) and they won’t be drenched by a fast flow teat.

Essentially they allow your child to control the flow of its feed.

The result is a fully fed baby, in a relatively short period of time, without any distressing experiences, making feeding time more of a pleasure for parent and child.  Just as it should be.

And, as we’ve touched on, because of the Easi-vent anti-colic valve, you should have a less windy, and more settled baby afterwards.

Unlike many other brands whose variflow teats often get stuck and collapse, Tommee Tippee have created a handy solution.  If this happens, all you need to do is rub the small tent-like vent on the inside of the teat between your finger and thumb and voila, the slit will reopen.

So that’s an overview, but what are users saying about them?


Tommee Tippee Variflow Teats Review


These leading teats have been described on review as “Brilliant”, “Perfect”, and “Excellent”.

Here are some recent reviews:

“Our son is a big and hungry baby, and we didn’t want to move him onto the Stage 2 teats too early. The vari-flow teat provided the perfect in-between solution. Now he’s big enough for the next-size teat, we haven’t had to replace them, and we’ve saved a lot of money! He’s a far more efficient feeder on the vari-flow teats, and this keeps him much happier.”

tommee tippee variflow teats review“My little one had bad colic and would get too tired before finishing bottle so got these. His wind got better, no more waking up for the pain and can drink bottle in one sitting. Got used to it very quickly and flourished on them. Would recommend and have bought again!”

“Used these after using slow flow teats and baby drinks more now we are using these. I was worried as my baby is only 8 weeks old to start using medium flow but these are perfect. Definitely recommend.”

“Brilliant can’t fault this product at all my little girl has taken to these really well and didn’t struggle to ajust to them at all a few swigs and off she went happy as Larry!

“We bought these for the anti-colic bottles (although you’re not meant to?!), but they’re perfect! We’ve tried the new born and medium teats (1 & 2 size) but these get blocked up easily with formula, whereas the variflow never clogs up and is perfect. We now only use these, and that’s from new born who was 4 weeks prem.”


Tommee Tippee Variflow Teats Review – Conclusion

So there you have it!  What else is there to say about these great teats?  They appear to be the perfect solution for babies struggling to get enough from their feed, as well as for babies who are getting too fast a flow.  And, as we’ve seen from the reviews, they can be used straight from birth as well.  They are durable, great for colic, and include a handy solution for clogging.  And for the price they’ll hardly break the bank.

Our view?  Go for it!

The Tommee Tippee Variflow Teats average an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5 from 873 reviews and this pack of two is currently REDUCED to £4.69 with FREE DELIVERY.





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